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One of those rare opportunities

A couple of weeks ago I attended a knife skills class as a birthday gift from my family. It was amazing!!! I learned so many great things about knives and new techniques. While I was in the class there was a reporter from the Redeye newspaper doing some interviews for her article on home cooks. … Continue reading

I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and new year!! I’d like to start off by sincerely apologizing for taking such a long hiatus, I had so many things going on that I really dropped the ball and let things get away from me. The tail-end of year was such a roller coaster ride … Continue reading

The Other Burger…….

When the weather gets nice there is no better way of bringing it in then with a juicy burger. There’s a constant battle in my brain and palette between my favorite grilled foods and that battle is an amazing grilled burger or a nice thick grilled chop….please see my first post to reinforce this 😀 … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

My girlfriend and I hosted mothers day and I must say it was a huge success!!! We had tons of delicious food, great dessert, wine 😉 and not to mention all of the amazing familia enjoyed themselves. It was great seeing all of the mothers smiling and enjoying their special day, which made all of … Continue reading

Who said chicken is boring :)

I was rummaging through my photos on my phone and found this pic.

First Post!!!!!!!

Welcome everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! This is officially my first post on my blog so please bear with me while I work on getting some interesting content on the site. For now here’s a preview of some of the deliciousness. ENJOY!! 😀