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One of those rare opportunities

A couple of weeks ago I attended a knife skills class as a birthday gift from my family. It was amazing!!! I learned so many great things about knives and new techniques. While I was in the class there was a reporter from the Redeye newspaper doing some interviews for her article on home cooks. Prior to beginning the class she asked me some questions and took down my contact info. I got a call back from the reporter asking if I would be willing to take a photo for the paper and to my surprise I was informed that they wanted to do a photo shoot at my house for the paper. I was blown away!!! It was such an amazing experience!!! I went all out for the photo shoot and cooked a bone in rack of pork (skin on – for the crispy cracklins!!), roasted butternut squash and caramelized apples in a brown sugar reduction. The meal was unbelieveable. I will be sure to post this recipe with everyone. Below is the article. ENJOY!!!


Bone in rack of pork w/ crisy cracklins


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One thought on “One of those rare opportunities

  1. Looks amazing!!! You are big time now!! 🙂

    Posted by e M i | January 9, 2012, 6:27 pm

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